Upcoming Events

Nine streets – four gates – and a host of Chinese characters. Discover London’s Chinatown and support our special community with Chinatown Stories – this summer’s walking tours only available from China Exchange.

This summer, we welcome two grand masters of stringed instruments lead Team China and Team India to go head to head for the China Exchange crown. Who will be the best stringed instrument of all? Come and see!

Ever wondered how the Chinese community ended up in Soho, or what the original Chinatown was like in Limehouse? Spend an evening with oral historian Hi Ching Lin, as he traverses the histories, trials and tribulations of Chinese people migrating to London. Discover Chinatown’s importance in London’s multicultural society, and learn more about life as a British-born Chinese in the 20th century. Free – advance booking required before all the seats are history.

Join the conversation of Yan Ge – China’s future literature master – and Nicky Harman to hear about Yan Ge’s special recipe of creating family dynamics in fiction, developing humour and characterisation in writing and the translation process.

In partnership with Southbank Centre ahead of this year’s China Changing festival, you’re invited to join our latest workshop project. RethINKING Tradition will use traditional calligraphy techniques and dance to show how ancient techniques and traditions can be re-energised by youthful interpretation. In free sessions with calligraphy master Xiaoran and contemporary dancer and choreographer, Si Rawlinson, help create a unique piece of performance for this year’s festival. Sign up for this extraordinary performance opportunity now.

In a family friendly afternoon performance at China Exchange, join musicians Di Xiao, Jiaxin Cheng ,Shuai Zhao and Guo Yue for an afternoon concert that captures the anticipation of the mid-autumn festival and includes a rare opportunity to see Sichuan face changing opera techniques in London. 

Have you ever wondered what preceded the Soho we know and love today? Did you know that the area was once a royal hunting ground? Or, that in the early 20th century, Soho was home to the first streaming media and TV set? Would you like to know how the area was named? Join Antony Robbins, an expert on London’s history, as he divulges the tales of Soho, and brings the past to life.

Co-creator of the award winning iconic 80s and 90s show Spitting Image, which at its peak attracted 15 million viewers, Roger Law went from satirising the world’s public figures into rubber puppets to finding further international renown as an influential ceramic artist. Hear more about his extraordinary life in 60 Minutes with Roger Law at China Exchange.