Charles Moore



Charles Moore, journalist, editor and official Thatcher biographer, gave a detailed insight into what it was like to work for Britain’s first female Prime Minister. With an audience keen to learn more about her working style and his background, Charles described the later Baroness Thatcher as self-critical due to her perfectionist tendencies. He covered her carefully crafted public image – particularly the impact of clothes in making a statement and how she changed her hair, voice and clothes to deliver her messages. He talked about relations with China during then-Mrs Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister – her state visit; the Hong Kong handover negotiations and her desire to secure the interests of Hong Kong people.

 The audience questions focused on her vulnerability and a persistent curiousity over her fears and hopes. Charles said: “Vulnerability was very much part of her make up. She was the one and only woman. She knew there wouldn’t be the boys club to look after her. There would be no second best for a girl.”