Creating a Productive Space In Your Life: a Workshop

Kicking off our Chinese New Year festival programme was the inspiring and insightful Creating a Productive Space in Your Life workshop. The event started off with exploring some of the science behind feng shui with feng shui consultant Gabriela Galbenus who explained the logic behind feng shui from understanding the Qi, energy, flow of your surrounding notably that cities with curved rivers have good Qi due to the fact the Qi gathers in the curve of a river, through to knowing why it’s important to have your bed facing the right direction for your Qi.

Having looked at the science, gallery owner and interior designer of transformative sacred spaces guided the audience through understanding the spiritual connection to a holy or sacred space such as temples and churches etc. and why when you walk into something so spiritual you have a sense of calm, awe or simple positivity. He ended his section with a guided energy mediation connecting everyone to the same energy plain so as to learn how do so in daily life.

A night of science, spirituality and feng shui left the audience going home feeling calm, restored and ready to turn their space in a positive energy temple.