David Walliams



David Walliams’ talk was packed with giggles, as the acclaimed actor, comedian, presenter and author shared clips from his hit TV show Little Britain and favourite gaffs from Britain’s Got Talent.

He talked about his career development and shared his admiration for Rowan Atkinson, recounting once meeting his idol and asking for advice on getting started in comedy. Atkinson’s answer was “don’t do it”. We’re certainly glad he didn’t follow this guidance!

David discussed his success writing children’s stories and the inspiration behind some of his best-loved characters. He then read aloud from one of his best-selling children’s book Gangsta Granny.

David surprised children in the audience with signed copies of his books, offering a full set for the best question asked. The winning question was from a parent who explained how Walliam’s book The Boy in the Dress, about a cross-dressing boy who struggles with being different from other children, has helped her daughter to adjust to being the only Chinese student at her Surrey school. Another parent said David Walliams is his son’s favourite author and that his son would remember the event “for the rest of his life”.