60 Minutes with Johnson Chang and Robert Chard
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From 6.00
18:30 to 19:30


The Body of Confucius: Re-making Rites from the Ancient Confucian Ritual Canons

This event is a special edition of the Prudential Series of talks by exceptional people with extraordinary lives.

How relevant is Confucianism in the modern age, and what can ancient Confucian rites tell us about China’s future? New research is using recent advances in experimental archaeology and classical studies to fully re-create Confucian rituals in the flesh.

These ritualistic behaviours were formalised over two millennia ago by the great sage Confucius as recorded in the ancient ritual canons, and have underpinned Chinese society ever since.

In this presentation at China Exchange, renowned art specialist Johnson Chang, and eminent professor Robert Chard will discuss their collaborative research project and explain how revisiting China’s Confucian roots can throw fresh perspectives on the country in the modern age.

Johnson Chang (Chang Tsong-Zung) is founder of Hanart TZ Gallery and co-founder of Jia Li Hall, a not-for-profit foundation for Confucian research.

Professor Robert Chard is Associate Professor of Classical Chinese at the University of Oxford, and Fellow and Vice-Principal of St Anne’s College.

Re-Making Confucian Rites is a collaborative project between Jia Li Hall, Hong Kong; Tsinghua University, Beijing (Professor Peng Lin); and City University of Hong Kong (Professor Jeffrey Shaw and Professor Sarah Kenderdine).