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All day long
From 30-11-22 to 11-12-22

China Exchange’s Made in Chinatown range will take a step into Soho this festive period with a 12-day pop-up shop at 98 Berwick Street. Made in Chinatown brings together artists, community members and volunteers to create unique and beautiful products that share the hidden stories of London’s Chinatown. The products are sold to fund heritage and community projects. The shop will be open:

Wednesday 30 November 12 noon-7pm

Thursday 1 December 12 noon-7pm

WORKSHOP: Queering Chinatown Zine Making Session creating your own queer identity narratives and queering  “Chinatown” in your own way. This creative session is led by Queer China UK and British Asian Queer Community for East and Southeast Asians (BAQC ESEA)


Free. Registration required. 


Friday 2 December 12 noon-9pm

WORKSHOP: Printmaking with Pui Lee

Spend 30 minutes to an hour in our pop up shop and learn printing techniques to create your own Chinatown-inspired cards. Drop in printmaking workshops with Pui Lee, the artist who created Heart of Chinatown woodblock print for Made in Chinatown are taking place in the Made in Chinatown pop up shop at 98 Berwick Street.  What will you create? 

Drop in from 4:30pm-6pm and from 6:45-8:15pm 

The workshops are free. Donations are welcome to cover the cost of materials. 

Places are limited and you may need to wait for a space to be available. Accompanied children are welcome.  

Saturday 3 December 12noon-7pm

Sunday 4 December 12 noon-7pm

WORKSHOP: What is Sinophobia? Spend time with members of the Campaign Against Racism Group (CARG) to talk more about Sinophobia, its causes, impact and how to recognise and  address it. 


Free. Registration required. 

Monday 5 December 12 noon-7pm

Tuesday 6 December 12 noon-7pm

Wednesday 7 December 12 noon-7pm

Thursday 8 December 12 noon-7pm

Friday 9 December 12 noon-9pm

PERFORMANCE & WORKSHOP: Reflecting on widespread deforestation initiated by colonial occupiers that cleared the way  for the palm oil plantations which now dominate the landscape. Titled Palm to Palm, an  interactive performance, led by artist Aliansyah Caniago delivers hand massages workshops to the audiences using a traditional healing balm from the camphor tree.

This session  is organised by An.OtherAsian collective, Duong Thuy Nguyen and Rianti Gautama.


FREE. Registration required. 


Saturday 10 December 12 noon-7pm


Sunday 11 December 12 noon-4pm


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