Awaiting the Full Moon
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14:00 to 15:00

In a family friendly afternoon performance at China Exchange, join musicians Di Xiao, Jiaxin Cheng, Shuai Zhao and Guo Yue for an afternoon concert that captures the anticipation of the mid-autumn festival and includes a rare opportunity to see Sichuan face changing opera techniques in London.

With a programme curated by pianist Di Xiao, Awaiting the Full Moon will blend the piano, cello and traditional Chinese instruments as well as feature spectacular Sichuan face changing performance that allow audiences to feel the full sense of anticipation ahead of the mid-autumn festival, one of the most significant celebrations in China.

Rarely seen in the UK, face changing is the highlight of the Sichuan opera. The art form is so highly specialised that there are only around 200 face-changing artists who can perform this traditional form in the whole China. Do not miss the chance to experience this in London’s Chinatown.

The afternoon is part of The Bridge Project, a concert tour developed by Di Xiao and funded by Arts Council England designed to break down perceptions by throwing Western music, Chinese culture and the visual arts together for dramatic effect. Audiences will be left excited and inspired as the collision of the familiar with the unexpected create new forms of arts.

Admission: Free. We suggest a donation of £5 if you are able to contribute this sum.

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