Butterfly in Blue Jeans: Romance Vs Reality
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19:00 to 20:30

Have you ever travelled to a new place filled with anticipation for the romance of a foreign land only to discover it’s far from what is in your mind? Expected to be soaked in history, tradition, customs and community only to find that your destination is modern, fast paced and not so different from home?

Explore the themes of our romantic notions of a country versus reality through an evening that combines performance with discussion through a new theatrical piece Butterfly in Blue Jeans, a play inspired by Madame Butterfly written by Yang-May Ooi.

The night will consist of a 20-minute excerpt of the play performed by actors followed by a panel conversation focused on how our imagined versions of other countries and cultures shapes our perception.

Panellists include;

Dr Victor Fan – Senior Lecturer Dept Film Studies Kings College and consultant in Chinese Visual Festival

Aowen Jin- contemporary artist

Jamie Brown – CEO Chicmi online

Yang-May Ooi – Playwright

Chaired by Betty Yao, Managing Director at Credential International Arts Management