Above the Clouds or Below the Bamboo Ceiling
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18:30 to 20:30

An evening workshop, held in conjunction with the Diaspora Foundation, for people who want to discuss the role that East Asian identity plays in career building and professional development.

Join small, facilitated groups to share your experiences, suggestions and hear the views of others to consider how culture influences career development and progression. Lord Wei, patron of the Diaspora Foundation, and other senior community leaders will be observing the evening’s discussions and adding their own reflections based on the conversation generated in the room.

In the UK, people from East Asian backgrounds are not well-represented in leadership roles or public life despite records of high educational achievement. This disconnection has been referred to as the “Bamboo Ceiling”. The concept provides a short hand way to describe the barriers that people from East Asian backgrounds face if cultural norms are poorly understood in the workplace.

Perhaps you identify with the model of the “bamboo ceiling”, the barriers that the concept describes and you want to overcome them. Perhaps you want to highlight the positive career opportunities that you identify in East Asian cultural norms. Perhaps you have never considered what cultural norms are shaping your career and in what ways and are curious to learn from others. Whatever your viewpoint is, join us to explore and share your experiences further.

The evening will focus on generating conversation and reflection, in an atmosphere where attendees can share and respect each other’s experiences before considering how they might choose to commit to further action.

The event is open to all – the focus of the evening will be on East Asian culture and identity.

The Diaspora Foundation was established to nurture developing leaders from diaspora backgrounds, such as the Chinese in the UK, in order to give back to Britain.