Deb8 China: 5 Speakers. 8 Minutes.
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19:00 to 21:00

Five speakers will each have eight minutes to stir your curiosity, fuel debate and encourage you to question the assumptions you hold about China.

Join us and the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy for a stimulating evening, leaving you with some questions answered and some new questions to explore on Wednesday 10 February at China Exchange during the Spring Festival.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Sex & Gender – No sex please, we’re Chinese! Exploring attitudes towards sex and gender in China. Jemimah Steinfeld author Little Emperors and Material Girls
  2. Education – Susan Fang Co-founder and CEO Academic Powerhouse
  3. Environment – In the Mist. Can China tackle the climate change issues and how long will it take? Charlotte Middlehurst Managing Editor China Dialogue
  4. Censorship – Can’t speak. Don’t speak. Aowen Jin Artist
  5. Economy – The Chinese are capitalists in communist clothing. Dr. Kent Deng Reader in Economic History Department at the London School of Economics