Fragrant Bag Workshop
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11:00 to 14:00

“Our wounds will never fade away, but we can replace fear with strength.”

As part of the Chinatown Recovery Project, China Exchange has invited Chung-Yu Perng and Koa Pham to co-host a fragrant bag making workshop to peel away our layers wounded by the pandemic and anti-Asian racism. Participants to this invitation-only event will make their own fragrant bag under the guidance of Chung-Yu and Koa.

This workshop will use the context of scent as a medium to create a new dialogue between experiences of racism and our inner responses. Chung-Yu and Koa will introduce the fundamental connection between fragrance and core feelings, explore the looks and textures of the fragrant bags made by participants, and complete with a renewed sense of peace and balance.

The workshop will be held prior to the Dragon Boat Festival, a festival celebrated in many East and Southeast Asian countries. Wearing fragrant bags as amulets is part of the tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival.