Hantastic! Chinese Traditional Dress Experience
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13:30 to 15:30

Transform into a historical beauty or Prince Charming in authentic reproductions of han fu 汉服. Our dressers will also style your hair and apply light make-up to complete the picture. Experience traditional Han Chinese dress, known as han fu 汉服, and have a full make-over. You’ll learn about the history of Han clothing in China, and discover how interest in beautiful traditional dress is having a renaissance today. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for photos and selfies, so you can surprise your social media followers with your make-over!

You will also have a demonstration in the art of classical Han Chinese dance, and then have the chance to learn some of the steps yourself!

Event schedule

1.30-1.40 Classical dance demonstration

1.40-2.10 Hanfu clothing talk and live display

2.10-2.30 Interactive dance workshop

2.30-3.30 Hanfu clothing dress-up experience

This experience is run in partnership with the Han Fu Society at the UK Han Culture Association, an organisation that aims to preserve and promote traditional Chinese culture and encourage people to wear traditional Han Chinese clothes.

The event is suitable for all, with options for men, women and children. Dress-up, hair styling or make-up are all optional.