Natural Tie Dye Workshop
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22:00 to 23:00

As part of our Chinatown Recovery project, Odella Yue, our artist in residency, will host a Natural Tie Dye Workshop to turn the spotlight on the people in the London Chinatown’s business community and amplify the voices and experiences of restaurant workers through the art of tie-dye. 

The invitation-only workshop will use plant-based dyes which are made from vegetables commonly used in Asian kitchens. Odella will invite participants to explore the extraordinary colours made by ordinary plants and teach them basic tie dye techniques before participants make their own tie dye tote bags, napkins, T-shirts or fabric. Participants will be encouraged to share the stories behind their choice of patterns and colours, exploring the hidden significance of everyday experiences. 

Odella will use the creative outcomes of this private workshop as an inspiration to design a print which challenges the dehumanising and racist narratives about ESEA communities in the context of London’s Chinatown. The print design will be turned into an exclusive range of small batch produced items under the Made in Chinatown brand, which will be available for sale in late 2021.