Mysteries of the Sistine Chapel Choir Revealed
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18:30 to 19:45

Join us for a talk and choral performance on Monday 17th October presented by Mark Spyropoulos, the first British full-time member of the Sistine Chapel Choir – the oldest choir in the world. Mark will  discuss the fascinating history of the 1400 year old choir, starting from the time of the earliest Popes, to the emergence of Gregorian chant, the return from Avignon and the Golden Age of the Renaissance, the bizarre period of the castrati, and the resurgence of the Choir in the last century. The evening will allow the audience to better understand  the role and importance of choral music as a force for healing and spiritual fulfilment, and ultimately a tool through which we may glimpse something of the divine.

The Sistine chapel choir launched their Cantate Domino CD, the first ever recording in the Sistine Chapel in 2015 and it quickly reached No.1 in classical music. The second CD will be launched in October, 2016. Mark will join members of a choir to sing excerpts from recent recordings during this special evening.

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The event is the second in the Pure Land Series, curated to enrich lives through creativity, spirituality and self-expression.