RethINKING Tradition Performance
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13:00 to 17:00

Be drawn into a world of ink and movement in RethINKING Tradition, a performance piece combining contemporary dance with Chinese calligraphy.

Taking inspiration from both formal writing and theatrical large-brush water techniques combined with contemporary dance, breaking and martial arts, RethINKING Tradition is the culmination of a weekend-long public participation project.

Led by calligraphy master Xiaoran Jiang and choreographer Si Rawlinson, RethINKING Tradition highlights the ways in which young people reinvigorate time-honoured techniques.

Calligraphy holds a significant place in Chinese culture and history with techniques that are embedded deeply in tradition. The brush, ink, ink stone and paper date back to the Han Dynasty (206BC – AD220).

The process transcended from a style of writing to an art form and has remained a representation of education, sophistication and style for centuries.

Part of China Changing Festival at South Bank Centre

First Performance 13:00-13:30

Second Performance 16:30-17:00

Free Event

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