Secrets of the Bamboo Basket: An evening of Dim Sum
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18:30 to 20:00

This event has now sold out. Email us info@chinaexchange.uk for a space on the waiting list.

The culinary art of dim sum was created in China centuries ago but, for many, it was crafted into its current form as a central feature of Cantonese food in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Whatever the origins, it is now exported all over the world. We know it as bite-sized portions served in bamboo steamer baskets or small plates served alongside seemingly endless pots of tea. In Cantonese, dim sum is known as “Yum Cha” (“drink tea”) and the tea is as important as the buns, dumplings and pasties. But what makes dim sum dim sum? What techniques are involved in making it? And, how can you order like a pro? Join us at China Exchange to find out.

With bite-sized contributions from expert foodies, live demonstrations and guided tastings, this is an event for anyone who likes tasty morsels of information in their evenings.

Jeremy Pang – Founder of School of Wok. Talking about the evolution of the dim sum with a live demonstration.

Amy Poon – Director Poon’s, the legendary chain of  restaurants that achieved a Michelin star in Covent Garden

Alice Evans – the Head of Tea at Canton Tea. Alice will take the audience through a journey of pairing the ideal tea with the right dim sum to get an authentic sense of the experience.

Ken Wang  – Master Chinese Chef and Founder Gourmet Chinese Chef Ltd.

The evening will include tastings and food activities but not a full meal.

Please select vegetarian or meat eater with your tickets. Due to the nature of the event, we cannot offer alternative options for those with other dietary requirements. All are welcome to attend and opt out of tastings if preferred.

In partnership with Orient restaurant and SeeWoo

This event is part of the National Dim Sum Week 30th June – 6th July.