Xue Xinran: 10 years since Miss Chopsticks
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14:30 to 15:30

On Saturday 17 March leading British-Chinese writer and author of The Good Women of China, Xue Xinran薛欣然 will join China in Context.

Xue Xinran was an established broadcaster in China and the country’s first agony aunt, before she turned her hand to writing. Much of her work is based on the stories of real people she met in China. Miss Chopsticks, published in 2008, follows the experiences of three young female migrant workers who moved to the city of Nanjing in search of work and opportunities.

During this talk, Xinran will reflect on the changes she has seen since the publication of her seminal novel Miss Chopsticks a decade ago, and how the stories in her works translate for today’s readers.

China in Context is organised by China Exchange and Cypress Books.