Exhibition: A journey to discover Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage


Hong Kong is well-known for its dynamic international financial centre and the remarkable Victoria Harbour surrounded by modern landscapes. Sometimes known as the Pearl of the Orient, as a city where the West meets the East, Hong Kong is also famous for its unique culture.

A journey to discover Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage exhibited objects representing the traditional folk cultures in Hong Kong, including Cantonese opera dresses, hand-made lanterns, festival instruments and dragon costumes. The Ming-Ai (London) Institute also ran workshops running throughout the exhibition.

Kicking off with Mr. Chau Hinh-wah’s talk on how to identify, preserve and promote Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, audiences not only discovered the history and culture of Hong Kong, but also learned about the techniques and skills needed to engage with local culture. Meanwhile, other workshops were held, allowing people to have first-hand experiences of Hong Kong culture. Visitors could join the Hong Kong-style milk tea masterclass or learn how to make traditional Dim Sum. Last but not the least, the Paper Crafting workshops allowed people from all ages to make their own paper lanterns while the Cantonese Opera sections encouraged audiences to learn h beauty of this traditional music.