Kate Reardon

Kate Reardon, Editor of Tatler, spent her 60 minutes at China Exchange with an audience that could not wait to ask her questions. Kate spoke of the privilege of being an editor, and of very much enjoying the more frivolous editorial opportunities that Tatler provides. She ran through the basics of the magazine’s business model and changes in online and print advertising trends.
When describing the readership of the magazine, she referred to “the richest people in Britain” and explained that Tatler’s online audience fits the same demographic profile as its print publication:
You think that the wealth of your readers will go down once you survey your online readers. But 12% of our online readers plan to buy a Polo pony or racehorse this year”

She also spoke of her dictatorial approach to tidiness; the ability for an entertainment publication to cover hard issues including “Too Posh to Punch”, which highlighted domestic violence within the privileged community; and her experience of conceiving twins through IVF while running Tatler and being filmed for a documentary about her working life.
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