Project New Sun


Project New Sun: Sinosynthesis, is a double bill performance exploring feminism, masculinity and stereotypes in British Chinese culture through dance, live music and comedy. The performance consisted of two parts and performed by Julia Cheng and Chris Chan respectively.

In the first part, Julia Cheng performed Orlando Warrior, a solo performance drawing on contemporary and street dance styles blended with traditional Chinese martial arts and live, original music. The piece explores the mythology of the gender-bending Orlando of the West, fused with the legend of Mulan of the East. In the second part, Chris Chan presented his one-man show, Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs, which uses comedy, insightful songs and digital technology to interrogate common stereotypes about East and West and how the two societies view one another.

Project New Sun was the final chapter in a trilogy of work presented by Chinese Arts Space (CAS). Following Project New Moon and Project New Earth, it explored the British Chinese experience.

Chinese Arts Space exists to commission British Chinese and international artists working in the performing and visual arts fields.