Sir Michael Caine



Sir Michael Caine – a super star ending to the summer season of the Prudential Series – told of his career to date making 147 films and the experiences that gave him his character.

He opened with a “not a lot of people know that” gag and kept the full house at China Exchange laughing throughout his frank and funny 60 minutes.

Sir Michael spoke of the influence of his wife of 42 years in balancing his life – having been a heavy drinker, he said that meeting her made him realise that he no longer needed alcohol…apart from the occasional glass of red wine.

He spoke of showing restraint and his view that one should never lose one’s temper with strangers (a lesson learned during a film shoot).
He made the Muppet Christmas Carol for his daughter – keen to act in something that she could enjoy. He’s now planning to appear in films suitable for his grandchildren.

Sir Michael has never been approached to play Bond (he championed Idris Elba for the role during the event); he misses the rain when he’s away from the UK; and he felt that “Military service made men of us all in a short space of time”.

He shared the experience of serving in the Korean war and an incident when he and his comrades believed that they would die. He spoke of cowardice and the discipline of the military as important lessons in his life.

Questions from the audience focused on cricket; making the Batman films; characters he enjoyed playing the most; and his views on “posh” actors.