The Wrap – Our Exchanges – 18-23 April

Welcome to The Wrap – the tastiest morsels from our recent Exchanges to sum up what you may have missed at 32a.

Naomi Campbell was fashionably late for her 60 minutes and did not disappoint the CE crowd. She

shared her views on diversity in the fashion and entertainment industry. When asked about Chinese

models and whether we would see a super model of East Asian origin, she stated that there were a

few rising stars and she hoped that things would continue to improve:

“It’s not an attack, it’s a reminder. When you book… it would be nice to use a woman of diversity –

of all shades”

Naomi Campbell at China Exchange Photo Credit Neil Raja
Naomi Campbell at China Exchange (Photo Credit Neil Raja)

Sadie Frost gave insights into the world of an accomplished multi-tasker – producer; actor; yogi;

writer; lifestyle guru; fashion label owner. Her 60 minutes covered a range of topics befitting of a

woman whose career does not fall into one neat category. She talked about the excitement of

preparing for a new theatrical role and the premiere of Set the Thames on Fire, a dark fantasy

comedy that she features in and produced, which showed at LOCO, the London Comedy Film

Festival, last week. She talked about the importance of female representation in business and in the

Boardroom, and said:

Sadie Frost quote - "It's important that women are given roles in the boardroom and real roles where they make decisions. Everyone needs to be more aware of this."


Jools Holland used his 60 minutes to describe his love affair with the piano. After giving a brief

history of the instrument to the crowd, he then treated us to some bars from “that left hand”

showcasing different musical styles from around the world and the obligatory burst of fabulous

boogie woogie. The questions from the audience focused on whether a person could be too old to

take up the piano, forms of inspiration and most memorable performances. Mr H doesn’t usually

give talks; he usually just plays his beloved “friend in the corner. On this occasion, he wowed us and

left with this final thought:

“Music is one language. Words are blunt instruments and music is much simpler than that”

Jools Holland at China Exchange (Photo Credit Neil Raja)
Jools speaking to the crowd at China Exchange (Photo Credit Neil Raja)


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