1987 Ping Pong Film Screening with introduction by Lucy Sheen
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18:30 to 20:30

A rare screening of the 1987 film Ping Pong with an introduction by the film’s lead actress Lucy Sheen.

IMDB.com describes it as;

Sam Wong, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in London’s Chinatown, dies in a phone booth. As a favor to her uncle, a young law student, Elaine Choy, agrees to probate Sam’s will, but finds that the task is less than trivial. Sam’s wife, daughter, son-in-law, cook, and two sons disagree on who should have which parts of the business. And two other beneficiaries remain frustratingly elusive. But in the search, Elaine and Sam’s younger son, Mike, a restaurant owner himself, realize that they’re not only exploring Sam Wong’s life, but also their own cultural identities as both English and Chinese.

The release of Ping Pong was a defining moment for Soho’s Chinatown. Shot in the mid 1980s it featured David Yip, Lucy Sheen and the Making of Chinatown contributor, Hi Ching. It was the first feature film to be shot in the area.

Strictly limited capacity 40

Free admission. Registration required.

Running Time of Film: 100 mins

Introduction by Lucy Sheen: 20 minutes