Chinatown – Past, Present and Future
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18:30 to 19:30

Migration from China to Britain started up in the 1800s, but why? And what was life like for those people? How were they welcomed and how did popular culture affect the lives and perception of those early Chinese migrants? Twenthieth century Chinatown became home to some of the first multi-racial families in Britain, but what was life like as a British-born Chinese? And why did the Chinese community move from Limehouse to Soho in the 50s and 60s?

Join Hi Ching Lin, an oral historian and founder of the Anglo Asiatic Arts and Heritage Alliance (AAAHA), as he traverses the history of Chinese immigration to London. His one-hour talk will shed light on the stories of the Chinese migrants and help to enrich your understanding of the vibrant community and Chinatown today.

Find out about Limehouse Chinatown, the catalyst for and the transition to today’s Chinatown in Soho, and discover Chinatown’s importance as a key area in multicultural London.

This is a free event – donations are welcome and seats must be booked in advance.

This event is part of our summer celebration of Chinatown heritage. The evening is delivered in collaboration with The Anglo Asiatic Arts and Heritage Alliance (AAAHA).