Lunite: Mid-Autumn Festival Finale
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From 7.50
19:00 to 22:00

A once in a blue moon Saturday night out!

Explore the themes and legends behind the Mid-Autumn Festival with live music, dance, drop in activities and a licensed bar.

Stage Lineup
We’re delighted to have the following music acts performing at Lunite:
Wan Pin Chu
Andy Leung

Nova Grace Productions will also be performing two dances throughout the night, fusing aspects of historical Chinese culture with contemporary dance.

Wire Rabbit in the Moon Making
Illustrator and sculptor Zack Mclaughlin will be leading a drop-in wire rabbit in the moon workshop. Learn about the Chinese mythology behing the rabbit in the moon, while making your own to keep!

Meet the Brewer
Meet Pressure Drop brewer and co-founder Graham O’Brien, taste some Pressure Drop beers and learn the story behind their Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival inspired beer, Wu Gang Chops the Tree.

Mooncake Making
All hail the mooncake – the most famous food in the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! Try your hand at making (and then eating) your own no-bake mooncake at our drop in mooncake making workshop.

Immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere by enjoying some luna themed facepainting

All the Lunite activities will be washed down by delicious drinks served at our very China Exchange licensed bar.

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