Royal Academy of Music: Florizel Quartet
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18:00 to 19:00
16 Nov

Formed in late 2015 at the Royal Academy of Music, Florizel Quartet is made up of violinists Madeleine Pickering (UK) and Ryo Koyama (Japan), violist Lucas Levin (Australia) and cellist Olivia Da Costa (UK). After just a few months of collaboration and despite hailing from three different continents, the quartet has received praise for their ‘powerful, colourful and multidimensional playing’ in their ‘dramatic and intensely considered performance’.

The quartet’s members have performed in over six countries as orchestra members, section leaders, chamber musicians and soloists and are excited to be developing their sound and repertoire under the tutelage of renowned coaches such as Jon Thorne (Badke Quartet), David Smith (Alberni Quartet) and Levon Chilingirian (Chilingirian Quartet).

They will be performing

Haydn String Quartet in G, op.77

Smetana String Quartet no.1 E minor