The Making of Chinatown Exhibition
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12:00 to 19:00
From 14-06-19 to 30-08-19

Come and see our first heritage exhibition revealing the stories of the people that shaped London’s Chinatown into the iconic district it is today. From the Cantonese business owners in the 1960’s to the Malaysian immigrants arriving in the 70’s to those who were pivotal in the pedestrinaization of Chinatown in the 80’s as well as working with Westminster Council to design the area with the gingko trees, Chinese gates, green roofs and stone lions through to the 2nd generation British Born Chinese and what Chinatown means to them now. We have been fortunate enough to hear their stories and understand why this area was and still is so important to many people.

Since April we have managed to interview 26 people from a diverse range of culturally ethnic backgrounds, age, professions, and connections to Chinatown to provide us the content for the exhibition which will be open to the public on Friday 14 June. You will be able to learn more about the historical timeline of the area whilst watching videos of the interviews and hearing in their words what the area was like, how it developed and who was instrumental in that and what the challenges and hopes are for the area.

The exhibition will be dynamic and interactive with guided tours as well as a series of events from talk, film screening and family friendly activities.

Free Admission

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12noon-7pm