Artists in Residence: Made in Chinatown


China Exchange is delighted to announce an open call for two artists to join our Made in Chinatown project. With the support of the Rothschild Foundation, China Exchange will work with 2 artists, 10 project volunteers and at least 20 workshop participants to create two ranges of unique gifts that connect with London Chinatown’s heritage and community in a vibrant and appealing way. These products will be sold to support future heritage and community projects in Chinatown.

The artists will work with the project team to develop 20 public workshops, drawing from some of the key themes about the history and heritage of London’s Chinatown developed by China Exchange through our recent Chinatown heritage projects. Participants and artists will explore the heritage of this area through an interactive process of meaning and memory making at the workshops. The artists will transform these stories of the past and present of Chinatown’s identity into artistic outcome, for example, visual designs or artistic ideas, and apply them into the products. China Exchange received a large amount of fabric and haberdashery supplies. These should be made use of in the project to avoid buying more supplies.

Artist Residency: Each artist should be resident for 7-10 days spread out in February-May 2020 for artist research and development work (specific dates will be discussed between the artists and China Exchange)

Workshops: Each artist should lead 10 workshops with the public, assisted by trained volunteers. (the number of workshops is subject to final requirement and negotiation)

What we are looking for:

  • This opportunity is open to artists/artist organisations based in London
  • We are looking for an artist that has an established, engaging and accessible visual arts practice, that has the ability to engage with community members
  • Someone who has experience in producing art inspired gifts for sale
  • Someone who is interested in the history and culture of London’s Chinatown and is willing to build a relationship with the community

 What we can offer

  • An opportunity for artists to be embedded in London Chinatown, exploring its rich history and culture while engaging with the community as they explore the heritage of this area
  • Tours of the neighbourhood, significant places, landmarks and oral history stories
  • Curated food experience in this area
  • Meeting with community organisations and other groups connected to London’s Chinatown through the workshops
  • Insight from the China Exchange team about the different aspects of Chinatown’s identity and the challenges it’s facing
  • Working space at China Exchange during the residency period subject to China Exchange’s availability
  • Heritage resources for the artists’ future practice
  • Each artist/artist team will be paid a budget of up to £1500 including artist research and development fee and travel cost for the artist residency.
  • Each artist/artist team will be paid £120 for each workshop he/she leads. China Exchange will cover other cost of the workshops including venue, materials, equipment, volunteer expenses and refreshments.

Submission requirements:

Please send the following information to Xiao Ma at before 23:59 Tuesday 26 November.

  • A letter of interest outlining why you are interested in this London Chinatown residency programme and how it relates to your current artistic practice. You can include your background and relevant experience
  • Documentation of your recent work and public workshops led by you if available. This is an opportunity for us to understand your experience engaging with the general public
  • A current CV

We will invite shortlisted artists for a meeting at China Exchange between 2 December and 13 December 2019.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Xiao at