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In an unforgettable evening at China Exchange, Guns n’ Roses frontman and guest AC/DC vocalist, Axl Rose shared his 60 minutes with a sold out audience of fans, friends and curious folk. He was instantly forgiven for being a little late.

In a very rare public appearance, which many assumed to be a China Exchange hoax, Axl spoke of the work he had done in developing his vocal gymnastics – a regime of vocal exercises; working with a vocal coach; aiming for a cleaner sound on Chinese Democracy; and the complexity of singing Brian Johnson’s Back in Black, which requires particular care in order to avoid doing lasting damage to the singer’s voice. Fans were able to share their personal stories of how Axl and his music had touched and influenced their lives and many were star-struck to be in the presence of their idol.

Axl described his love of Elvis and the Beatles and an ambition to create the soundtrack to a film. He talked about what it means to play with AC/DC on the current tour and to be in a positive place with Guns n’ Roses. When asked what advice he would give to young bands, Axl  spoke of the importance of being genuine and taking criticism as suggestions of how to improve, not necessarily as essential feedback. To the delight of the audience, he stayed behind to sign some autographs and meet fans. An extraordinary evening!



Axl Rose Quote: Figure out how to follow your heart and how to make a living, how to be real and do it your own way.

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