Cloud/Plunger – a performance installation

China Exchange’s first performance installation, Cloud/Plunger, developed by our Cultivate Programme supported artist Tuo Lin (AAIS), transformed our second floor space with giant inflatable ‘clouds’ supported by elongated household plungers.

Audiences were immersed in the piece which combined architecture, dance, light and music. After a short opening film, two dancers, Malgorzata Dzierzon and Renaud Wiser performed a specially choreographed dance interacting with the Cloud/Plunger installation. Audiences were then invited to join the performance with the dramatic music composed using a combination of natural and bathroom sounds. Following the performance, there was a Q&A session with the creators.

Cloud/Plunger was created by China Exchange Cultivate supported artist Tuo Lin and his team. According to the team, Cloud/Plunger represents the dichotomy between neglected rural areas and the sanitisation of metropolitan cities. Since being selected by our Cultivate Programme in December 2017, artist Tuo Lin and his team have been using our space for idea development and rehearsals. The China Exchange team also provided them with coaching and support regarding audience engagement.

Following development time at China Exchange, extracts from Cloud/Plunger have been presented in collaboration with New Movement Collective at Rambert during Lumiere London Festival 2018. The project since also gained support from Architectural Association, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, Fiu Gallery (Shanghai) and Tube Showroom (Shanghai).

About Tuo Lin

Tuo Lin is an architect, media artist and producer. Before joining Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio(AAIS), he studied at Zhejiang University and worked at Yung Ho Chang’s Atelier FCJZ. He is the founder of the interdisciplinary studio, Atelier Tuo, which aims to expose the hidden ‘worknet’ between rural China and the world.


Concept & Spatial Design: Tuo Lin

Choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon, Eryck Brahmania and Renaud Wiser

Performers: Malgorzata Dzierzon and Renaud Wiser

Music: Zhang Meng

Costume: Fengyi Tan from DIA

Creative Coders:Nakia Shuhong Hao and Zhuolong Yu

Technical support: Joel Newman and Peter Szots