Bite-size China: tiny tastes of regional cuisine
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17:30 to 19:00

Cantonese food, once the only Chinese food widely available across the UK, has been joined by cuisines from Sichuan, Dongbei, Hunan, Xi’an and Yunnan. This emergence of regional Chinese food has enlivened the British culinary scene and introduced new flavours, textures, traditions and ideas to enjoy. In a lively event produced by China Exchange, join us for bite-sized portions of insight and inspiration with food experts as they teach us more and lead a lively tasting session.

Tasting session – due to the nature of the event, dietary requirements may not be accommodated. All are welcome to attend and opt out of tastings if necessary. This is not intended to be a meal.

Admission is free. Seats are offered on a first come, first served basis.

This event is part of the China Changing Festival.


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