New project exhibition creating conversations

Yours, Mine, Ours: creating conversations in London’s Chinatown is a new  exhibition, featuring artwork designed by Wendy Wong based on material created through community workshops.

The exhibition explores different meanings of self and place, while encouraging conversations about social justice. The aims of the artwork are to encourage you to think about social  injustice, its impact, and how we can respond to it. We hope this work will create different ways to talk about this subject, share and hear experiences and find ways to respond. The material for the work has been produced through a series of workshops and activities this year. The exhibition is the conclusion of our Chinatown Recovery Project II, funded by the Churchill Fellowship, to support Chinatown’s post-pandemic recovery and address covid-19 related racism in particular. 

Yours, Mine, Ours will be available to view in the Made in Chinatown pop-up shop from 30 Nov – 11 Dec, ahead of other venues in January. This project was inspired by community work to support London Chinatown’s recovery from the pandemic and in response to covid-19 related racism in particular and a desire to strengthen Chinatown as a safer space for all people from all backgrounds to enjoy. 


Wednesday 30 November 12noon-7pm

Thursday 1 December 12noon-7pm

Friday 2 December 12noon-9pm

Saturday 3 December 12noon-7pm

Sunday 4 December 12noon-7pm

Monday 5 December 12noon-7pm

Tuesday 6 December 12noon-7pm

Wednesday 7 December 12noon-7pm

Thursday 8 December 12noon-7pm

Friday 9 December 12noon-9pm

Saturday 10 December 12noon-7pm

Sunday 11 December 12noon-4pm