Project volunteering opportunities now open!

There are fantastic training opportunities available for China Exchange volunteers as part of our projects this year. Our volunteers tell us that being involved with our projects is a rewarding and positive experience where people are given the opportunity to strengthen and develop their skills in a supportive environment and can meet and work with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Each project involves a training and time commitment. It will not be possible to commit to all three projects as some of the training and workshops will take place on the same dates. You will need to choose! The details are summarised below. Please consider your commitment and availability and then sign up by 30 April.

For our Chinatown Recovery project, we have up to 16 places available in our engagement team. This will involve high quality training and then time connecting and building trust and relationships with people and organisations in Chinatown. There will be workshops focused on how to have conversations about hate crime and racism, bystander training, creative and healing workshops, and developing advocacy skills among others. You can sign up for this project here.

We are feeling confident that we will make our crowdfunding target and run our summer projects focused on Chinatown heritage. This means that volunteer places will be available in two additional projects: