Sunday lunch (writing) with Ching He Huang 黄瀞亿

At our event Sunday lunch-time talk on 18 March, our audience met TV Chef, and award-winning cookery author, Ching He Huang.

Ching shared her early entrepreneurial experiences in the food industry, and how she was first scouted to attend a TV cooking programme audition. Ching encouraged the audience to work hard for what they truly love doing.

The well-known cookbook author, Ching has published nine books based on her love affair with Chinese food. She told the audience that she always aims to cook healthy as well as delicious food, and this principle is embedded in the recipes in her book. She spoke out against recent claims that Chinese food is unhealthy, explaining that in Chinese culture, food is seen as medicine, and great importance is placed on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

For those who have similar interests in writing about food, Ching also gave advice on content creation and food presentation, and shared her top tips for food blogging, social media, and writing a first cookbook. From structuring to writing, from experimenting to tasting, Ching said she is careful to oversee every component of her books.

Watch the video to find out what techniques she uses to ensure her food looks as good as it tastes.