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Help us take The Making of Chinatown exhibition on a national tour. These stories deserve to be shared.

“Brilliant and long overdue – an insight into wonderful Chinatown!”  

“Thank you for preserving the stories and history of Chinatown… It is reassuring that my history, and the history of the Chinese diaspora in London is so well presented. It makes me feel more concrete in my existence, and proud of my cultural heritage!”

“Very interesting and informative exhibition. We often walk through but never knew this much about the area and history of Chinese immigrants in the UK.”

In 2019, China Exchange archived and curated The Making of Chinatown – the beginning of the first archive dedicated to documenting how south Soho became an iconic part of London. Through personal stories, collating public records and documenting this missing piece of London’s story, we learned that we had just scratched the fascinating surface. We curated a public exhibition and welcomed over 3,300 people to China Exchange to explore this story. The audience response showed us that we couldn’t stop there.

In 2020, the exhibition of this story is on a tour of London venues. This gives thousands more people the opportunity to understand better this poorly documented and rarely presented story. We don’t want to stop there.

In 2021, we want to take the exhibition on a national tour. To do this, we are asking for your help. Get us out of London!

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