What We Do

We build connection and engagement between the UK public and China through accessible activities that value heritage and community and explore contemporary China. Since 2015, China Exchange has programmed festivals, curated exhibitions, led volunteer projects and held over 300 events, to create inclusive and unexpected ways for people living in the UK to understand China, Chinese culture and London’s Chinatown.

We motivate people to create stronger connections and cultural links with China at a deeper and more sophisticated level. We do this from the heart of London’s Chinatown in pursuit of a UK where people understand the impact that China has on their daily lives and benefit from this improved understanding.

We do not believe that an interest in China should be considered privileged, niche or unusual. We do not believe that you have to be Chinese to be interested in Chinese culture.

China Exchange works thematically to deliver the largest possible impact from its resources. Our current priorities are work connected to: Heritage & Community and Contemporary Chinese culture.

Our skills and network are in high demand from other organisations seeking our expertise in public engagement. We specialise in building connection, developing understanding, softening barriers, building cultural confidence and doing this in ways that people enjoy.