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Bai-jove what an evening!

Elliot Robinson and Peter Smith of FU bar Liverpool, guided attendees through the history, significance and relevance of baijiu in China and described their passion for raising the profile of the worlds most consumed spirit, in the UK.
Peter led the eye watering baijiu tasting, starting with one of the most expensive and most celebrated baijius, Moutai and ending with the most widely available, Red Star. With each baijiu containing a unique aroma and taste, the audience spoke enthusiastically and openly about the flavours and feelings they got from each sip.
Peter went on to demonstrate how to incorporate baijiu into a drinks cabinet by shaking and stirring up two delicious original recipe cocktails, which – to their delight – the audience sampled!
The night ended with a cocktail provided by Ping Pong Dim Sum and much conversation around baijiu.
With thanks to See Woo Foods for their generous donations.