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In the first event of the Pure Land Series, Goldie Hawn took the China Exchange audience on a journey of mindfulness. Starting by sharing her initial experiences with childhood anxiety and exploring her consciousness through meditation practices in the 1970s, Goldie explained the profound effects of mindfulness on well-being and on brain strength.  She described her personal sense of purpose in sharing the power of mindfulness with as many people as possible and how this led to the development of the Hawn Foundation’s MindUp programme – mindfulness sessions delivered in schools, the military and other organisations.

Goldie Hawn Event Photo



The audience at the sold out event watched a video of British school children explaining their experiences of learning about mindfulness and how it changed their daily lives. The children talked about “Brain Breaks”, a technique taught by the MindUp programme. Once the video ended, Goldie led the China Exchange audience on a brain break, chiming a gong and encouraging each person to breathe deeply while witnessing their thoughts.

With brains refreshed, Laurie Coots, CEO of the Hawn Foundation, moderated a Q&A session. The audience were curious about on a wide range of topics including Goldie’s own meditation routine; her views on transcendental meditation; the neurological impact of mindfulness. Many of them shared how inspiring they found the evening after the event using #PureLandSeries.


The Pure Land Series at China Exchange curates innovative programmes with the aim of enriching lives through creativity, spirituality and self-expression. See What’s On for the next events in the programme.