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The Silk and Bamboo concert we co-hosted with the UK Chinese Music Ensemble attracted 100 enthusiastic audience on 9th February.  Two renowned musicians, Dr Cheng Yu and Liu Menglin performed a well-selected list of classical Chinese music. Dr Cheng Yu is specialised in guqin 古琴 (seven-stringed zither) and the pipa 琵琶 (four-stringed lute) and talented Liu Menglin played the hulusi 葫芦丝 (a gourd flute);  and the dizi 笛子(bamboo flute).

The music selected for the concert includes:

Silk & Bamboo Duo – pipa lute and dizi  flute(琵琶,笛子合奏)

夕阳箫鼓(又名:春江花月夜)Flute and Drum at Sunset (Based on 1790 pipa score)

Hulusi (Gourd Wind) Solo  葫芦丝独奏 – Liu Menglin  刘梦林

月光下的凤尾竹 Fern-Leaf Bamboo under the Moonlight (by Shi Guangnan, 1981)

Guqin solo 古琴独奏 – Cheng Yu程玉

平沙落雁 Wild Geese Descending on the Sandy Beach (Guyin Zhengzong, 1634)

流水Flowing Water (based on 1425 ‘Spiritual and Secret Score)

Dizi Solo  –  Liu Menglin  刘梦林

雨碎江南  – Drizzling Rain South of the River (He Tu, 2009)

春到湘江 Spring Arrived at the Xiang River (Ning Baosheng,  1976)

Pipa (4-stringed lute) solo – 琵琶独奏 – Cheng Yu 程玉

阳春白雪 White Snow in Sunny Spring (Trad. 1818 score)


With the variety of pieces from different periods of time, the audience had a melodious evening at China Exchange.