Opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown

Chinatown’s unique visitor experience, the Chinatown Stories walking tour, is offering a plant-based and vegan take in January to mark Veganuary.  This special edition of the tour will feature food stories and cultural connections that are fascinating and just happen to be both meat and dairy-free! The tour ends with a lip-smacking Chinese vegan lunch served family-style to allow everyone to relax, value the significance of Chinese food in the UK and learn more.

The Veganuary tour has been developed by Andrew Humphrey, a trained China Exchange History Champion volunteer, who recognised the potential to share the neighbourhood’s vegan heritage and provide a unique and positive experience for those choosing plant-based lifestyles.

Talking about the tour, Andrew said:

“Some restaurants have recently been developing new plant-based options, and I will show those to guests. There is also a history of vegan shopping and dining in Chinatown which I am looking forward to sharing with everyone who comes.”

Each ticket sold supports three charities operating in the area which support the people who rely on the neighbourhood in different ways – the London Chinese Community Centre, the Chinese Information and Advice Centre and China Exchange.