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For more than a billion people, the 28th of August is one of the most romantic days of the year – it’s Qixi Jie, otherwise known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. We celebrated this year‘s Qixi Jie with the Lovers’ Bridge of Magpies concert, featuring a talented collection of young artists: Phoebe Haines, Iúnó Connolly, Waimay Yau, Jacob Bettinelli, and Leona Crasi.

The romance of Zhi Nü and Niu Lang, one of China’s most heart-rending love stories, was explored through well-known classical pieces in different languages. Our audience enjoyed a collection of songs selected for the concert including: And This is my Beloved (English), Magpies’ Bridge Song (Mandarin), La Nuit (French), Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen from Mozart’s The Magic Flute (German) and Time to Say Goodbye (Italian).