The inaugural play at China Exchange on 9 June 2016, I’m Just Here to Buy Soy Sauce, played to an almost full house.
The piece, written by fresh talent, Jingan Young, focuses on two story lines – a pair of ruthless real estate agents seeking to woo a Chinese buyer for their latest land development and a young couple struggling with a failed property search that marked the end of their relationship. The punchy piece of theatre provided the starting point for a panel discussion following the performance that explored the themes of the play.
The play received support from our Cultivate@China Exchange, raising creative ideas that seek to explore our relationship with China.
The panel explored how London’s property market has responded to overseas investment; the parallels between London and Beijing’s housing market – with the Chinese capital pricing most people out of the rental market as well as the ownership market; “property racism” and the assumptions that are made about property developers based on their ethnicity; the mechanisms available to the government in adjusting the housing market; the impact of the UK’s greenbelt policy on housing supply; and the potential for hypocrisy when advocating a free market and global trade but not welcoming the effects of an open market and global trade.