Yaji – An elegant gathering

A yaji 雅集, or ‘elegant gathering’, is a Chinese art salon. Historically, it was where intellectuals and artists gathered and learnt from each other by practicing and appreciating art, and exchanging views and ideas. This year, China Exchange welcomed the second edition of Yaji during the China in Context book fair weekend.

Visitors to our Yaji experienced music performed on the classical Guqin by UK Chinese Ensemble, Europe’s leading Chinese music agency. Audiences were invited to move freely between the different artists. Shoran Jiang, a young artist specialising in Chinese painting and calligraphy, demonstrated her techniques, while Juyan Webster, founder and tea mistress of the Chinese Tea Company, demonstrated the Chinese tea ceremony and explained the intricacies of Chinese tea culture.

Attendees were also able to indulge in the ancient art of ceramic appreciation, with modern tea ware displayed by the China Design Centre. The ambience was further enhanced by furniture pieces designed by Samuel Chan from Channels design studio.