Opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown

A Soul Stirring Night with Di Xiao’s Piano Performance Femmes de Légende

On 24 January, renounced Chinese pianist Di Xiao performed a selection of music she curated to celebrate the legendary women in music and their muses at China Exchange. Di Xiao is a talented classical pianist based in the UK. Originally from China, she boasted being in the top 10 up and coming Chinese pianists in […]

60 Minutes with Akram Khan

Growing up in a household filled with the music of Tom Jones, Michael Jackson and classic Bollywood tunes led Akram Khan to explore how the body can be moved to express the various states of emotions. In a night of casual conversation with our guest host Wenlan Peng, he shared anecdotes of growing up dancing […]

Mid Autumn Dances Community Performance Showcase

The Second floor of China Exchange has served multiple purposes and is reimagined with every new activity it hosts and nurtures. During this year’s Mid-Autumn festival, it became a dance studio where the bodies and moves of a diverse group took ownership of the space. Curiosity and community led the enthusiastic members to engage in […]

Highlights From Winter Blossom Fair

UK’s First East Asian Art and Design Fair Launched in Chinatown 9 to 11 November saw China Exchange present the public with a unique fair blending aesthetically pleasing art and design work with the theme of appreciating East Asian cultures. Visitors had the chance to learn about new talent from East Asian countries and Western […]

60 Minutes with Roger Law

A night of hilarious anecdotes and cultural insights were had by the audience at Roger Law’s talk. He shared with us the inspiration behind the hugely successful show Spitting Image – the biggest motivation being to make money as both he and co-founder Paul were struggling artists at the time – as well as how […]

Bite-size China: Tiny Tastes of Regional Cuisine

On a rainy Saturday at the Southbank as part of the China Changing festival we were taken on a culinary journey from the spicy sizzling Sichuan province to the delectable Xi’an region ending in the far north east of China, Dongbei, as part of our ever popular Bite-size series. Our speakers shared anecdotes of their […]

RethINKING Tradition Public Participation Project Staged at Southbank Centre

Saturday 6 October was a memorable day to the participants of RethINKING Tradition project. This passionate group formed by members of the public performed a dance piece taking inspiration from traditional Chinese art form, calligraphy, at Southbank Centre as part of the China Changing Festival 2018. Choreographer Si Rawlinson from Wayward Thread  dance company created […]

Chinatown Past, Present & Future

On Wednesday 12th September, we welcomed Hi Ching Lin to China Exchange for an evening of historical exploitation as part of our season of Chinese heritage celebration. The evening was filled with memorable tales and inspiring insights presented by our talented and knowledgeable historian. Guests were taken on a journey of Chinese immigration to London. […]

60 Minutes with Sir Nicholas Bacon

Ever wondered how the other half lives? Sir Nicholas Bacon gave us a raw and honest look at the life of England’s aristocracy with anecdotes of how he was raised ultimately by the chauffeur, butler and game keeper to his time at Eton and the career he was pre-subscribed to him (law) but one that […]

60 Minutes with Professor Rana Mitter

How do you choose 20 highly influential characters from a 2,000-year history? That’s the daunting and empowering job that Professor Rana Mitter undertook when asked to produce a series for BBC Radio on the most influential Chinese characters. In his talk as part of the 60 minutes with series Professor Rana Mitter shared his thoughts on how he selected the […]