VAT Milestone

Thank you for helping to make China Exchange a success. As an infant organisation, there are many milestones we are going through in our second year – welcoming a stellar line up; showcasing our first theatre performance; welcoming over 6,000 of you to our building so far this year and sharing our work with over 150,000 of you online.

As a result of our success we have  passed the statutory threshold that requires us to be registered for VAT. For all events scheduled from 27th September, we are obliged to add VAT  to our tickets.

The new prices will be:

£5 tickets + VAT = £6

£10 tickets + VAT = £12

We have a commitment to make our activities accessible – this is why we hold free events, and offer our £5 early bird and £10 tickets for the majority of our programmes.

In preparation for this VAT milestone, we learned that our ticket booking platform would charge £5.46 on a £10 ticket to cover booking fees and VAT. This goes against our commitment to accessibility and so are moving to a system that charges a flat rate of 66 pence per ticket (55p plus VAT) to cover the charges for processing payments online.

If you would prefer not to pay any booking fees, you can call the office to buy a ticket over the phone or visit us in person to avoid them.