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Qixi Festival – also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day  – falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, which this year is Tuesday 9 August.

Qixi’s story is of a long-distance love between a weaver and cow-herd who’s love has been forbidden. To learn more about the themes and symbolism behind Qixi, have a look at our Qixi Symbolism Guide.

This year we are celebrating Qixi with Distance Between, a 3 channel video installation by artist Xiaowen Zhu. The installation tells the stories of 6 people in long distance relationships; their joy, sadness and confessions.

See how the opening night went, here.

Distance Between is open from Friday 5 August – Tuesday 9 August (closed Sunday) 3pm-7pm. Admission is free.