Opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown

The legend of Jin Yong 金庸

Known as China’s Tolkien, Jin Yong 金庸 is a house-hold name throughout East Asia. His wuxia (martial heroes) novels not only attracted a widespread following around Chinese-speaking world, but also inspired many people to discover the world of Chinese literature. Yet until now, Jin Yong’s work has remained unknown in the West. This event celebrated […]

Hong Kong Focus at China in Context

Hong Kong Focus

China in Context will feature three events with a special focus on Hong Kong. Supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, the focus will celebrate the role that Hong Kong has played as a cultural translator and the creativity of writing from this unique region.

Exhibition: A journey to discover Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

  Hong Kong is well-known for its dynamic international financial centre and the remarkable Victoria Harbour surrounded by modern landscapes. Sometimes known as the Pearl of the Orient, as a city where the West meets the East, Hong Kong is also famous for its unique culture. A journey to discover Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage […]

Synergy: When dance meets fashion

  Fashion and theatre performance have long been linked. V&A collected fashion designer Rui Xu, created “Scarlet Infusion” – seven seductive and spellbinding costumes, for the Rashomon style dance theatre piece, Tea Spell, directed by Zhao Liang. On 17th August, Rui Xu and Zhao Liang came together with Professor Christopher Bannerman, performance artist Madaleine Trigg […]