Opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown

Ten of the Best Chinese Books in Translation

This year’s China in Context festival focuses on the theme of translation; from translating language, to culture and ideas. We’ve asked Nicky Harman, the UK-based prize-winning literary translator, to recommend some of the best translation works of Chinese literature to our audience. Here is the list Nicky created.

Eat What?! An evening of unfamiliar food

We spent an evening exploring unfamiliar food with Chef Saiphin Moore, kimchi expert James Read, food writer Fuchsia Dunlop and dairy expert Srdja Mastilovic. Each took a bitesize turn in describing their experience with unfamiliar cuisines. Saphin Moore began the night by sharing tasty tips on various ways to cook insects – whether steamed, fried […]

Sir Tim Rice

    Sir Tim Rice spent his sixty minutes at China Exchange reflecting on his career as an English author and award-winning lyricist. He described the difficulties of making records in his early career, as it was more complicated and time consuming than today. He said that nowadays “anyone can make a CD” and there […]

Project New Sun

  Project New Sun: Sinosynthesis, is a double bill performance exploring feminism, masculinity and stereotypes in British Chinese culture through dance, live music and comedy. The performance consisted of two parts and performed by Julia Cheng and Chris Chan respectively. In the first part, Julia Cheng performed Orlando Warrior, a solo performance drawing on contemporary […]

Exhibition: A journey to discover Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

  Hong Kong is well-known for its dynamic international financial centre and the remarkable Victoria Harbour surrounded by modern landscapes. Sometimes known as the Pearl of the Orient, as a city where the West meets the East, Hong Kong is also famous for its unique culture. A journey to discover Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage […]

Young Photographers’ Exhibition at China Exchange

  Over the weekend of 17th November, the winning photographs from the 2017 Young Photographers’ Competition were exhibited at China Exchange in Chinatown, London. Many of the winning students came with their friends and families to see their work on display. The exhibition was displayed in the Chinese-inspired Chung Yen Sing Hall and after seeing […]

Nick Mason

    Nick Mason started his Prudential Talk by speaking about his life before becoming a musician – he said that training to be an architect helped form the band. He initially completed his degree in architecture but “fell in with a bad lot” to form Pink Floyd with a few names from his course. […]

Square dancing: how do you guangchang wu?

On 7 October our dancers performed at Southbank Centre’s China Changing Festival after five free guangchang wu (public square dancing) workshops at China Exchange. Wearing a specially designed uniform, our dancers wowed the audience with their performances of the songs Rather Be and Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng.

Ultimate Power Dressing

  As the models hit the runways, we started London Fashion Week with a glance back to history’s ultimate power dressers, the Qing Emperors. In an evening that was part talk part exhibition, expert David Rosier gave a detailed talk explaining how China’s imperial rulers displayed and maintained their authority through clothing. David began by […]