Opportunities to understand China, Chinese culture and Chinatown

Andrew Marr

    In his sixty minutes at China Exchange, Andrew Marr touched on everything from the decline of print media, to his novels, to the biggest challenges facing modern government. Andrew said the time he spent working on the Independent newspaper was the happiest of his life, but that he was fired several times. He […]

Viscount and Viscountess Weymouth

    The Viscount and Viscountess Weymouth shared their experiences of running Longleat House and Safari Park. The Viscount mentioned how his past experience in hospitality industry had been valuable in helping to turn the business around, with the couple working to add new experiences to the existing offering. The Viscount said that branding was […]

Mario Testino

    Mario Testino spent a joyful evening at China Exchange, sharing stories and advice from his stellar career. He said that he is motivated by the pursuit of excellence and attributed his success to his perseverance, as well as some lucky breaks. He described how in the early stages of his career, he would […]

Lord Fellowes

    Lord Fellowes spent his sixty minutes at China Exchange reflecting on his career as an actor, writer and producer. He described how his signature “fly-on-the-wall” style of screenwriting came from his experience growing up slightly apart from society; his parents had come from different backgrounds, and this detachment from society ultimately helped him […]

Sir Antony Gormley

Sir Antony Gormley’s evening in Chinatown gave us time for reflection, with discussions on the purpose of art and human beings’ relationship with the environment. Sir Antony stated that at its core, the purpose of art is to “change the way people think”. He said this is what he loves about sculpture; that’s it’s not […]

Hannah Rothschild

    Hannah Rothschild joined us to talk about her role as Chair of the National Gallery, her views on the art world, philanthropic giving and her work as a novelist and biographer. Of the National Gallery she said she feels “enormous pride” to be involved in a team that delivers “absolutely stellar exhibitions” but […]

Richard E Grant

    We spent an evening with actor Richard E Grant, thirty years on from his break-through role in the cult-classic film Withnail and I. Richard talked about his career diverse and the inspiring people he has worked with, including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and recently Lena Dunham. He described how, on meeting Dunham, […]

Dame Judi Dench

    Dame Judi Dench showed she’s full of surprises during her sold-out 60 Minutes at China Exchange, discussing everything from her extensive career and sharing anecdotes about working with Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, and revealing for the first time her regret at not accepting the role of Shirley Valentine.  Dame Judi gave glimpses into […]

Loyd Grossman

    In his evening at China Exchange, Loyd Grossman credited his extraordinarily varied career, first as a rock musician, then a food critic, a TV presenter, and Art Historian, to his love of learning. Loyd said than on arriving in London in 1974, he had dreamed of becoming a professional musician, but ultimately didn’t […]

Sarah Helm

    Sarah Helm joined us for an evening of hard-hitting discussion on issues including nationalism, populism and Brexit. Talking about the independence of the press and the problems of fake news, Sarah stated “proper journalism is dying, it’s practically dead”. Sarah discussed her book A Life in Secrets – a historical account of the […]